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nursing careers, Texas nursing careers, Texas nursing schoolsAs the economy continues to struggle, nursing remains one of the fastest growing and demand skill sets in the health care today. The retiree population over the next 6-12 years will force nursing to grow as a popular career and continued need. This means many nursing career opportunities for people searching for a job or people changing careers. If you are not sure what opportunities exist in nursing, this article will define the opportunities to give you a general idea. • Across the entire US, there is an estimated 120,000+ nursing jobs open. Granted these are in varying capacities, as well as skill requirements. Experts agree that the need will exceed this as baby boomers continue to retire. • As stated above, opportunities to continue to expand as traveling nurses and home health care options become greater. Currently, the most common need for nurses are still in hospitals, physician offices and outpatient care facilities. • A few degree programs to consider as you're doing your research are as follows: Associates Degree in Nursing – An Associates Nursing Degree is offered at many community colleges. We also found online education opportunities as well. Typically, the Associates Degree in Nursing is a 2 to 3 year program. Bachelor in Nursing – The BN is a four year program offered more at the university level. Right now, the Bachelors of Nursing graduates have the greatest career opportunities in the nursing field. However, it is more expensive to pursue this degree program. Licensed Practical Nurse – an LPN is typically under the direct supervision of an RN or MD. • Finding the best nursing job may require you to move to an area that is in greater need of nurses. But, don't look at this as a negative. Many times, someone with a nursing degree has the flexibility to see more of the country – all paid for by their career in nursing. • You may also want explore specialties in nursing, such as: pediatrics, surgical, PeriAnesthiesia and Informatics. Nurses increase their training in a specialized area will make more money in the long run. • Most importantly – do your research. Finding the right education is the most important step in starting your career in nursing!



Discovering a Career in Nursing

Texas nursing careers, nursing schools in Texas, online nursing degreesNursing Roles Multiple levels of nursing give you ample options to develop a nursing career. Nursing aides and assistants do the most basic kinds of work. Licensed practitioner nurses (LPNs) have greater responsibilities such as monitoring medical equipment, supervising aides, and taking samples for analysis. Registered nurses (RNs) are the largest group of health care individuals with more than 2.5 million RNs in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). RNs can create health plans for patients as well as contribute to the current plans. They consult with doctors and other clinicians as well as direct LPNs and nursing attendants. RNs can specialize in a variety of areas such as working with specific population segments or specific diseases and ailments. • The Big Health Boom One of the main benefits of being a nurse is simply being able to help people heal and overcome disease or discomfort. According to projections by the BLS, over a half of a million new RN jobs will be created between 2006 and 2016. This growth suggests that nurses should enjoy job stability as well as find a range of career options. Because of the recent nursing faculty shortage, there are opportunities for nurses to become teachers. Some hospitals and other organizations offer subsidies for education and signing bonuses to attract nurses. • Prepping for a Nursing Career Home health aides and nursing aides often only need on-the-job training, but most other nursing careers require a higher level of education as well as certification. RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) degree programs can help individuals get the education they need, and RN to MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) degree programs are also available. Individuals can also continue their education to earn doctorates in nursing (DNP=Doctor of Nursing Practice). Terminal nursing degrees are generally practice-focused or research-focused. The doctorate degree prepares an individual to join nursing faculty ranks or work on health care policy issues in larger organizations. • If helping people heal is important to you, a career in nursing can be a great long-term move to bring you financial stability and personal rewards.

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Accelerated Nursing Schools Overview

Healthcare, and nursing specifically, continue to be strong in today's sagging economy. If you are exploring nursing as a new career path, you may want to investigate the fast track option. The following article is written by N. Helga Mainston-Smith. Smith is a career specialist with a Masters degree in education, leadership and management studies. She specializes in advising students and professionals on high-paying rewarding careers. This article provides a general overview to obtaining a nursing degree.

Nursing is hands down a superb rewarding job profession that allows people to live a fantastic quality of life. Nursing also offers for interaction with a wide range of people and the ability to build unique, special relationships. For the best way to become a nurse, look into a fast track nursing program and begin the path to a better career. Accelerated nursing schools allow the students to complete their training in a fraction of the time a standard program would require. Specifically, the total time involved can range from a year - a twelve months program - to a year and a half for a baccalaureate program, and three years for a master's degree program. In the U.S.A., more than forty states offer a fast track nursing program course offering. There are roughly over 50 accelerated master's programs, and over 200 accelerated fast track nursing programs that are baccalaureate programs. The typical attribute accelerated nursing programs are an intense training regimen, combined with building upon earlier education. In order to deal with with this increased load, the selection is stricter than ordinary nursing program, including higher grade requirements. The payoffs of a fast track nursing course exceed the obvious time saved. Future job offers are often more apt to hire nurses who have participated in an accelerated fast track LPN, RN, BSN, MSN, etc program, as those nurses have enhanced work skills and greater skill. To present a balanced view to accelerated fast track nursing programs, one should look at a lack of financial assistance; that said, the amount of scholarships is growing. Also, if the applicant selected is unable to properly cope with the work load, then the training could be ineffective. Finally, be aware of the statistical figures associated with accelerated nursing programs. For example, on average, only about 25% or less of all students enrolled graduated. All in all, an accelerated nursing school is by many accounts the best way to become an accredited nurse, and through such a program secure a lasting, fulfilling career.

About the Author: N. Helga Mainston-Smith is a career specialist with a Masters degree in education and leadership and management studies who advises students and continuing professionals on high-paying rewarding careers. Don't apply to any of the accelerated nursing programs or fast track nursing schools before you read about crucial all-important facts that can impact your future career success. Check out AcceleratedNursingProgram.Educdata.com to learn more about the accelerated nursing schools that meets your needs. Visit our website to find out more about accelerated nursing school. Get info, hard-to-find facts, lists of schools and universities and more tips to live the lifestyle you desire to attain.


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